I love it here! Everyone is so nice and awesome! Service is excellent and they always remember me.


Best shop is COLORADO!


Always great service!
-Brian Issitt


Skylar and Gabby – great service and very knowledgable, answering all my questions.


Always amazing, no additives.
– Anonymous


The “CHEERS” bar of dispensaries. Friendly, knowledgable people who know your name, needs and personal tastes.
– Jon Kulczyki


Guys, I love this place. The best strains and good for U.S. Veterans. Try them, you will not be sorry.
– JA Kelly


bgood has the best edibles!
– Anonymous


Julian was super helpful. Great ideas for edibles and knowledgeable about the concentrates.
– Demi Vigil


It has a good vibe to it. Some places have a corporate feel to them. This place has good people.
– Anonymous


So many good workers in here. Love this place.
– Cassie


Josh and Jesus are always in great moods and give me great suggestions on what I need. The strains are always fire and affordable. Great crew, great store, great stuff.
– Anonymous


You guys are not only my friends; you are my trusted weed distributors.
– Bryan Gibson


I love the boys here. They are amazing. Thanks for everything you guys do!
– Anonymous


Real good customer service.
– Maurice Mckinney


I’ve been to many dispensaries, looking for legitimate, professional medical-minded service. Your staff is by far the most polite, professional and knowledgeable in the metro area. I won’t go anywhere else.
– Melissa B.


Josh was very helpful each time I have come in. Definitely helped explain the differences and the varieties. Awesome and easy to work with.
– Anonymous


Great service, friendly staff, reasonably priced, good product.
– Nick


Knowledgable friendly bud tenders. It’s like family here. Amazing selection and it’s our go to family store.
– Jasmine Robinson


bgood is by far the best dispensary in Denver. The bud is amazing for a great price, the staff is friendly and know your name. Ive been a patient 2 years and it’s the only place I come. The atmosphere alone is worth shopping at bgood. All smiles.
– Jolinda


Best buds in town period!!! I’ve shopped around and always get disappointed. They why I stick to bgood. Never ever disappointed! Awesome member benefits too!
– William S.


Awesome! Skyler – best ever.
– Janelle Stage


Always amazing staff. Best pricing.
– Veronica Talbott


Jesus was very helpful making sure that we purchased exactly what we needed at the best value assuring we deceived all discounts I.E. Senior Discount. He was very informative about the products. Thank you so much.
– Margaret R.


Elissa is such a fantastic help! You guys never cease to amaze.
– Anonymous


Best Medical Marijuana in town. With best bud tenders. Love this place.
– Lonnie Beth


The folks at bgood always have what I need at the best prices. I have been a member for a year and a half and wouldn’t buy anywhere else.
– Anonymous


Gabby is the best! Look forward to coming in and seeing her – very knowledgable! Love her – Kudos!!
– Cindi Popp


Great place. Good people. Good prices. Great buds.
– Anonymous


Truly some of the finest flower in all of Denver. Thank you bgood!
– Justin Harrow


5 star service. Great prices, A+ buds, only place I shop for my meds. Love it @ bgood!!
– Jessica O.


bgood has exceptional customer service and great prices.
– Anonymous


The true cannabis, bgood.
– Anonymous


My name is Sam Kirk. I am an epileptic medical marijuana refugee and industry pioneer. I buy my weed at bgood ventures because they always have the best selection, prices, and all around quality in town.
– Samuel Kirk


Very Knowledgable!
– Drew B.


Best dispensary in town. Been a member for 4 years. Best service, best product, and best member benefits! They are keeping the medical industry legitimate! Thank you!!
– Brent Tuff


I love this place!
– Anonymous


Best staff, best buds.
– Cassie Werschke


The most friendly salespeople anywhere. My most favorite place to shop, it’s fun to go to bgood.
– James L. Pillow


Awesome experience! Not super familiar with the marijuana industry and Josh took great care of us!
– Anonymous


Best prices, best staff, best buds. Will not go anywhere else.
– Dustin Fields


Quality product every time with great customer service.
– Anonymous


Awesome!! Great help from the employees!!
– Heather Green


I like what you’ve done! The bud tenders are great!
– Anonymous


Everyone is AWESOME!! Everyone had a great attitude. The store is clean. I like the set up of store. Good prices. 
– Samantha Killham


Only place I go! Love it! Everyone is so helpful.
– Anonymous


The store is really good! I like it a lot. Good meds and you are closed on Sunday, a day off for the people.
– Pedro


The service is always outstanding!
– Anonymous


Love you guys! Staff, options, service, location! Josh and Casey are tremendous!
– Brittany


I love my bgood! Great products always fantastic service!
– Anonymous


Awesome facility! Clean and easy to navigate. Wonderful product selection. Decent pricing.
– Grace Koreyasu


Alyssa was awesome. Mad shopping very nice. I’ll be back.
– Anonymous


The service at bgood is exceptional. The bud tenders are attentive to members needs and are very knowledgeable. I always leave very satisfied with the product and service.
– Djanne


Jesus was an excellent source of information on products. Helped me buy the right 420 for my art.
– Anonymous


I have been coming here since I moved here from Wisconsin and have watched you grow and think you are the best!! Very knowledgable! Have visited other places but none compare to you. Love you guys and keep up the good work.
– Cindi