Lama Brand Cannabis

Lama Brand Cannabis (LBC) was founded in 2015 by Tony Karas and Matthew Willey, formerly of Colorado Alternative Medicine (CAM), with the goal of producing the best cannabis in Colorado. While they are strong disciples of CAM, and have emulated what works, they have improved upon the process, so it has evolved into their own style of growing which also emphasizes quality over quantity. They grow both hydroponically and in coco coir, depending upon the propensities of the strain in question.

Tony and his crew produce solely 100% hand trimmed, hand selected premium product, curated from seed to sale by Holley Holt, with only the best product making it to the shelf. Smaller buds are rolled into joints, and the remainder is used by concentrate makers for production of award-winning products. When we compliment them on the quality of the concentrates they make for us, because we believe that their expertise contributes greatly to the final product, they always tell us that the quality of their product depends heavily upon the quality of the product they make it from: Fire in ➡ Fire out!

LBC has received awards in every competition they have entered, including numerous first place awards, and awards in the Rooster Cup, the Dope Cup and the THC Awards. Their attention to detail and constant focus on the final outcome keeps them at the top of the Cannabis game. In the end, their product speaks for itself. If you haven’t tried Lama Brand Cannabis, you are in for a real treat!

Top Dawg Genetics

Top Dawg Genetics' JJ Edwards got his start in the underground New York City cannabis scene of the '80s after experiencing the '70s hippie pot culture and the beginning of the early '80s "kind bud" sensi bud culture. In Central Park, he befriended a breeder who would ultimately start an east coast cannabis revolution with a strain called Chemdog.

In the '90s, JJ started experimenting with breeding his own seeds. The emergence of the Internet gave JJ credibility on the site, where he shared his experience with his Chemdog and Sour Diesel strains. He began selling seeds on International Cannagraphic Magazine for seed credit, and his strain "Star Dawg" gained massive popularity.

In 2011, Top Dawg Seeds won its first San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup award. Following this success, Top Dawg Seeds has been recognized with multiple awards for multiple seed strains, and as the best of the best by its recent introduction into the High Times Breeders Hall of Fame.

Now you can experience the Best of the Best in Colorado, as JJ is growing his strains and breeding new ones (patience – this takes time to do right!) in the BGOOD warehouse dedicated to his efforts. Hang on!

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