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11450 Cherokee St
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We accept cash and have an ATM on site.

bgood Northglenn is a marijuana dispensary that provides both medical and recreational services, and we’re proud to say that we carry the best edibles available from the most reputable vendors in the industry. You will also find an enormous selection of concentrates of all types, including a wide selection of live resins and rosins.

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On the medical side, our staff is well trained for treatments with both THC and CBD products, and has followed the treatment of many patients for years. This experience has led them to be able to share with you what has worked for numerous other patients. It gives you a place to begin when searching for the appropriate remedy for your ailment. Of course, everyone is different and reacts somewhat differently to everything, so adjustments are often necessary, but knowing where to begin for most people saves a lot of time and money, and avoids discouragement before the most beneficial strain and dosage are discovered.

Recreationally speaking, bgood Northglenn offers a wide variety of cannabis strains on a regular basis. Award winning LAMA Brand Cannabis (LBC) can usually be found only at bgood stores. If you have never experienced this product, you are in for a treat! We also offer fine cannabis at lower price points for our price-minded friends.

Selection and service have always been our specialties. We offer all our products at various price points to accommodate as many of you, the people we care most about, as we are able. Once you get to the service counter, you will find a vast array of cannabis strains, all of high quality, featuring traditionally grown varieties as well as some strains of award winning hydroponically grown LAMA Brand Cannabis (LBC). Also, you will see perhaps the largest selection of concentrates in the metro area. And you will see quite a large edible selection, with the lowest prices we’ve seen anywhere.

But what we are most proud of at bgood is our staff. We can’t tell you about them in a way that you will believe us, so your best bet is to read our Google reviews or the testimonials at the bottom of our website and see what other people say about our budtenders. We have patients who have been with us since we have opened in 2009, and they keep telling us the main thing they come back for is the experience. We hope you get to enjoy the bgood experience soon!

  • Erin Maison-Everhart
    Erin M
    March 24, 2021
    “The best dispensary I have ever been to hands down❣️ Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, they're extremely polite to everyone. They have patience and answer any and all of your questions. I always have a lot and most of the same ones every time. But they are polite enough to deal with me due to my brain injury and seizures, which truly affects my memory. But upon all the KNOWLEDGE and THE MOST EXPERIENCE A PERSON IN A SPECIFIC INDUSTRY CAN HAVE! They're EXTREMELY HELPFUL in any and every way you could hope for. They have guided me in the right direction, the best direction for managing my pain, migraines, and seizures especially. It's not that I want to see them over run with people making it hard to get into. LOL. But they're so amazing THEY DESERVE ALL THE PROPS THEY CAN GET & DESERVE. They work hard, and are just some of the funnest people to be around. They always make me laugh, and they always make me feel good about myself no matter what issue is going on at the time. They also have great pricing. If YOU THINK other competition is better, you need to see the DISCOUNTS YOU can GET WITH A MEDICAL CARD (which they helped me with the entire process, and recommended a couple of places for the card that were amazing &recommended me to two different places that gave discounts for getting your medical card through them. Not sure because the places I called didn't offer the discounts, so I went with who they recommended because they offered it. Instead of spending $110 right off the bat I spent $90 for my card), and the DISCOUNTS YOU can GET forgot SPENDING A CERTAIN AMOUNT SPENT ON THE REC. SIDE. They make it all so easy and so great. So again they deserve all the acclaims they can get, so PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT and GO TO THEM FOR ALL OF YOUR NEEDS AND WANTS. HELP THEM BLOW UP AND REAP WHAT THEY DESERVE ❣️❣️❣️.”
  • Emmanuel Treto
    Emmanuel T
    March 30, 2021
    “They were super friendly and very knowledgeable and the Llama is always killer. I also love the artwork in the store and will definitely be back. Shout out to morning crew for always taking care of me.”
  • Jared Saindon
    Jared S
    March 13, 2021
    “I used to shop at a"big box" dispensary because the prices are good but my buddy took me here and I fell in love. This place feels like a good old fashion head shop, it's a good place to buy bud and the strains I have tried have been excellent. Try the chem brulee if you can find it.”
  • Renee Montano
    Renee M
    April 10, 2021
    “GREAT Place!! On my first visit the bud tender took good care of me!!! If You get a chance stop by, I recommend it!! 😊🥰”
  • Brittany Contreras
    Brittany C
    November 12, 2020
    “Love this place! Way friendly cool staff. Not sure about the flower but the joints are really good and high quality. Definitely recommend”

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