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Cannabis dispensary serving Northglenn, Thornton, Westminster, East Broomfield, Commerce City, and north Denver.

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11450 Cherokee St
Northglenn, CO 80234

Phone Number

(303) 254-4200


We accept cash and have an ATM on site.

bgood Northglenn is a marijuana dispensary that provides both medical and recreational services, and we’re proud to say that we carry the best edibles available from the most reputable vendors in the industry. You will also find an enormous selection of concentrates of all types, including a wide selection of live resins and rosins.

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  • bgood Northglenn

On the medical side, our staff is well trained for treatments with both THC and CBD products, and has followed the treatment of many patients for years. This experience has led them to be able to share with you what has worked for numerous other patients. It gives you a place to begin when searching for the appropriate remedy for your ailment. Of course, everyone is different and reacts somewhat differently to everything, so adjustments are often necessary, but knowing where to begin for most people saves a lot of time and money, and avoids discouragement before the most beneficial strain and dosage are discovered.

Recreationally speaking, bgood Northglenn offers a wide variety of cannabis strains on a regular basis. Award winning LAMA Brand Cannabis (LBC) can usually be found only at bgood stores. If you have never experienced this product, you are in for a treat! We also offer fine cannabis at lower price points for our price-minded friends.

Selection and service have always been our specialties. We offer all our products at various price points to accommodate as many of you, the people we care most about, as we are able. Once you get to the service counter, you will find a vast array of cannabis strains, all of high quality, featuring traditionally grown varieties as well as some strains of award winning hydroponically grown LAMA Brand Cannabis (LBC). Also, you will see perhaps the largest selection of concentrates in the metro area. And you will see quite a large edible selection, with the lowest prices we’ve seen anywhere.

But what we are most proud of at bgood is our staff. We can’t tell you about them in a way that you will believe us, so your best bet is to read our Google reviews or the testimonials at the bottom of our website and see what other people say about our budtenders. We have patients who have been with us since we have opened in 2009, and they keep telling us the main thing they come back for is the experience. We hope you get to enjoy the bgood experience soon!

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb S
    February 26, 2020
    “Great place with friendly people. The prices tend to be much higher here than at other places, but the quality is still excellent (in fact better than some of the cheaper places) and it's one of the only stores in the area. The staff really tries to help find a good product for your needs/desires and there usually isn't a long wait. The owner is super nice and she really seems to treat the employees well.”
  • Derick Thoene
    Derick T
    October 24, 2019
    “These guys are extremely helpful with intel and nicely located, give your regular shop a break and check out what's going on here. Happy hour on joints buy 2 get a third.... chem dawg on deck, until next time.”
  • Sean M
    Sean M
    February 29, 2020
    “Medical side only- Great deal on a quarter from their website. but I hear how great their flower is, just not on the medical side. It was decent, paid what it worth Would hate to pay retail on that flower I wouldn't to be honest. This seems the normal, you want nice flower, sorry patients shop rec”
  • Stephanie Smith
    Stephanie S
    March 2, 2020
    “Excellent customer service from Roger! Great prices on fantastic flower. Definitely worth driving 30 from Boulder to shop here.”
  • Lauren Hadsel
    Lauren H
    November 27, 2019
    “Anthony was awesome! Such a great place”

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